Preparing Your Home for a Real Estate Photographer


Exterior/Aerial Photography

  • Close all doors(garage and normal entry doors)

  • Remove cars from driveway or from field of view of drone

  • Ensure landscape is clean, mowed and leaves picked up

  • Remove any visible hoses

  • Remove toys, sporting equipment etc

  • Remove empty planters

  • Remove trashcans or other containers

  • Uncover outdoor furniture and hide covers

  • Uncover pool


Indoor Photography

  • House should be neat and tidy (Including beds made, vacuumed carpet, mopped floors, clean countertops and windows etc)

  • Try to ‘depersonalize’ so the prospective buyer can imagine themselves in the home

    • If possible remove family photos, kids toys etc

    • Put away any garments/clothing

  • Replace burnt out lightbulbs. Light bulbs should be of the same type (incandescent or fluorescent)

  • Turn off TVs, all lights should be on in rooms during the shoot

  • Open blinds/curtains